It’s true what they say. I am a Mouse on a Mission.

What inspires me are all the students of Chundikuli Girls’ College, who went on to achieve great things in their lives. Scientists and social reformers. Home builders and humanitarians. Lawyers and librarians. Architects and agriculturalists, artists and activists. I’m asking you to play a part in nurturing the next generation of adventurers and pioneers. To Step Forward.

Purchasing a Chundikuli Mouse is one way you can show your support. Your purchase of this limited edition collectables, will help bring the laughter back into learning at Chundikuli Girls’ College and build great students and good global citizens.

About Step Forward

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This is an all inclusive programme for students and staff that aims to give necessary cognitive and non-cognitive skills to successfully handle school life and post-school life. The final product of this is a self regulated discipliner, learner and a balanced global citizen for the greater good. The programme caters from primary, middle school, upper school, teachers and non-academic staff.

Step forward covers

(i) Academic Healing and Empowering Program (AHLEP)
An intervention prevention program & Research 

(ii) Creating Suitable Learning Environment
Physical, Emotional and Cognitive environment for Preschool and Junior Primary

(iii) Bridging Gaps
An Intervention & Research programme for struggling learners of Grades 6, 7, & 8

 (iv) Creating the Best Working Environment
For non-academic staff (office, labs, library and bookshop) 

(v) Resource Building
Resources for Preschool, Junior Primary  and Bridging Gaps – Activity Book on Pre Requisite Skills and Specific math/Thamil Concepts  

(vi) Sharing Learning
Teacher learning program to cultivate right principles and practices of education. Facilitate teachers celebrating teaching-learning

(vii) Learning Empowering Unit (LEU)
The action and activities of LEU focus on empowering learners, teachers and other member of non-academic staff. It aims to empower skills towards cultivating and living out the right educational principles and practices. And recognising and empowering human potentials.

(viii) Flourishing Youth
This is a post youth empowering programme based on Positive Psychology Constructs. And an expansion of AHLEP. This aims to enhance cognitive and non-cognitive skills that are necessary for post school life.

(iii) Greener Learning
This is an extension of creating the suitable learning environment, backed with research evidence on the connection with nature contributes to positive mental development and wellbeing. Greener Learning as by-products positive environmental attitudes, healthier life style (food habits), emotional wellbeing practice (meaningful leisure activity) and positive mental attitude (appreciating beauty)

(iv) You at your best
Based on the hypothesis that a non-academic staff impacts success of students. An extension of creating the best working environment and a reflection of believing in collective growth. As a community everyone in school contributes to student and school success. They also deserve continuous development programs. The program aims for a happy and effective working force. Main aspects focused in this programme are, physiological, psychological and moral wellbeing.

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